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Projets Lies

Life RENDER se rapport à une série de projets réussis tel que:

Logo Life Ecolac

LIFE ECOLAC aim is to prevent and reduce the environmental impact associated with the production of dairy products favouring the Ecodesign of food products by the design and use of software specially adapted to the special features of the sector.

Website: http://www.lifeecolac.es
Logo Life Prefer

LIFE PREFER project is aimed to test the PEF – Product Environmental Footprint at 8 average products representing 8 clusters. The pilot clusters are: Paper district of Lucca, Tuscany fashion district, Lumbardy textile district, Wine district of Asti, Agricultural and Food District of Nocera Gragnano, Northern Italy industrial tomato cluster, Shoes district of San Mauro Pascoli and Lombardy wood district.

Website: http://www.lifeprefer.it
Logo Food Print

LIFE FOODPRINT project aims to identify, quantify and implement measures to reduce, the carbon footprint (CF) of the pastry and flour food industry sector along the supply chain while increasing competitiveness through the development of an innovative software tool.

Website: http://www.foodprint.gr
Logo Life TTGG

LIFE TTGG project aims to improve the supply chain efficiency of European hard and semi-hard PDO cheeses by designing and developing an Environmental Decision Support System (EDSS) in order to assess and reduce its PEF.

Website: Coming Soon

LIFE EFFIGE aims at testing the PEF method in 5 Italian productive fields involving more than 20 companies operating in foundry, furniture, catering and agrifood fields. EFFIGE provides the PEFCRs drafting and tools development to support SMEs in the PEF implementation.

Website: Coming Soon
Logo Pefmed

PEFMED project aims to test the applicability of the new EU Product Environmental Footprint method for some specific product groups in 9 Mediterranean agrofood regional systems (clusters & supply chains), with the final aim to fostertargeted systemic ecoinnovation interventions to green the agrofood sector, raise the market value of PEF-compliant productions and galvanize the regional Smart Specialization Strategies (RIS3) goals related to innovation in agrofood and industrial production.

Website: pefmed.interreg-med.eu

Logo Eumerci

EU-MERCI is to support, in a coordinated way, the growth of energy efficiency in industry processes. It will develop methods and tools for assisting EU industry in the effective implementation of energy efficiency improvements and in the monitoring of the energy savings, in application of the 2012/27/EU Directive.

Website: http://www.eumerci.eu