Expected Results

The first Life-RENDER result will be an Interactive Web Tool integrating the PEF and Dairy PEFCR methodologies for the determination/evaluation of the environmental footprint of products and enabling the identification of focused Best Available Techniques, Technologies and Management Practices to lower their environmental footprint.

During the demonstration phase, the following results will be achieved.

  • At least two representatives of each participating dairy company to be trained in the PEF methodology;
  • Analysis of the environmental footprint of at least 30 common dairy products produce by French dairy SMEs.
  • Identification of eight environmental measures via the software application and implementation of these measures to reduce the environmental footprint of six dairy products.

During the replication activities, 2 technical showcases will be organised (Portugal and Spain) and further PEF studies will be executed in at least 10 Dairy Products.

By identifying critical chain elements inducing higher environmental impacts in dairy products and by identifying a set of measures lowering their impacts, the following environmental indicators will be achieved on Dairy SMEs.

  • 10% reduction in water consumption and wastewater generation by participating dairy SMEs.
  • 15% reduction in energy consumption by participating dairy SMEs.
  • 5% reduction in waste generated by participating dairy SMEs.
  • Prevention of 84 tonnes/year of CO2 emissions by participating dairy SMEs during the course of the project.

By lowering operating costs of participating Dairy companies and improving their market penetration, the following socio-economic results will be obtained:

  • A 10% reduction in the manufacturing cost per tonne of dairy products.