Description of the Project

Life RENDER will promote the implementation of the Environmental Footprint Methodology at European level as key tool to assess and to communicate life cycle environmental performance to business consumers and stakeholders.

Life-RENDER will assist F&D SMEs in achieving their objectives of improving the environmental performance of their production processes under a life-cycle thinking approach by provided a decision support tool specifically designed for SMEs and enabling the:

  • Identification of the hot spots and critical chain elements, processes and operation inducing higher environmental impacts within the whole supply chain through a software tool integrating Product Environmental Footprint Methodology and the PEF Concrete Rules (PEFCR) for the Dairy Sector.
  • Identification and implementation of the Best Available Techniques (BAT) and technologies and best management practices allowing the minimisation of energy and water consumption, the minimisation of solid and wastewater production and the optimisation of the raw materials.


Life RENDER Tool