In Extenso Innovation Croissance (IEIC), formerly APRIM & Associates, is a research and consulting company specialised in innovation and strategic management, with a specific focus on promoting and implementing sustainability principles and practices.

The teams’ diverse range of skills, particularly on the development and management of collaborative projects allows In Extenso Innovation Croissance to rely on a team of nearly one hundred employees with targeted technical, strategic and financial skills centered around innovation and sustainable development issues. Today, IEIC’s core mission is to accompany innovative organisations in effectively developing and achieving their innovation and sustainability goals and solutions - based on creative, high quality and scientifically robust approaches.

In particular, our dedicated sustainability experts work across a diverse range of economic sectors and actors, including SMEs and start-ups, at all levels of governance from the local, national and international context and covering a wide range of key thematic areas from evaluation of existing environmental strategies and policies to the development of customised tools and solutions for individual companies. Through its past experience at Deloitte Sustainability, IEIC’s sustainability team has conducted a range of studies related to EU environmental policies and legislation, in particular in sustainable farming and food,waste management, chemical, products.