Life RENDER will start with the Preparatory Actions (6 months) focusing on the identification of the adjustments (1) to adapt an existing software tool based on Life Cycle Assessment to the requirements of the PEF/Dairy PEFCR and (2) to update an existing database of environmental technologies with recent progresses carried out in food technologies. Preparatory Actions also envisages the establishment of Pilot Groups for the application of Life-RENDER approach.

The Implementation Phase (35 moths) will begin with the development of the tool supporting the elaboration of PEF -compliant studies by SMEs (B1) and will follow with its demonstration under real conditions in French dairy companies through the execution of PEF and PEFCR-compliant studies of at least 30 different dairy products. Environmental measures for lowering the environmental impacts of a set of dairy products analysed will be implemented (B2).

To demonstrate the Replicability and Transferability Potential of Life-RENDER approach to other Member States, replication tests (technical showcases and further 10 PEF studies) will be carried out in Spain and Portugal (B3). Finally, B4 considers the Evaluation of all the Results obtained and the Development of the Business Plan.

Monitoring actions refer to evaluating LIFE Project performance indicators, impacts towards economy and population and monitoring the impact of the implementation actions according to a list of indicators. In the dissemination area, activities have been grouped as dissemination to the general public and stakeholders and results transferring through networking activities. Finally, management actions refer to the overall project management and progress monitoring to the EC.