ACTALIA is an Agri-Food Research and Technology Institute with 5 main fields of expertise: Sustainability, Dairy processing, Food safety, Chemical and microbiological analysis and Sensory analysis. The multidisciplinary Actalia team assists stakeholders in the dairy industry and provides them with scientific and technical expertise (Research, analyses, testing, consulting and training).

ACTALIA has participated in the European PEF Dairy Pilot of the European Commission as member of the Technical Secretariat and the “Drafting group”, including the performing of a supporting study with SME. At this regards, ACTALIA has performed the calculation of Environmental Footprint Profiles based on the draft PEFCR (2014 – 2016).

It must be also emphasised that ACTALIA is member of the Technical secretariat in the French Dairy Workgroup dedicated to the review of the Best Available Techniques Reference document (BREF) for the Food, Drink and Milk industry. Moreover at this regard ACTALIA is Expert in the setting up of the European Best Environmental Management Practice (BEMP) Guidelines for Food sectors (2014).

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