With consumers and stakeholders placing an increased focus on environment, the European Commission released the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) as a single metric to measure, display and benchmark the environmental performance of products. To increase consistency of PEF studies, the European Commission works on Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCRs) with technical guidance for specific product category. Product Environmental Footprint is often too complex for Small and Medium Enterprises and the European Commission has identified some key actions: provide initial tools that support SMEs and make sure that PEFCRs represent a simplification in the application of PEF.

Life-RENDER aims to demonstrate under real conditions the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of an innovative tool enabling the realization of PEF and PEFCR-compliant studies by SMEs from the Food and Drink sector and the identification of focused environmental measures. The project will promote the implementation of the Environmental Footprint Methodology at European level as key tool to assess and to communicate life cycle environmental performance to business consumers and stakeholders.

» Life RENDER present at CFIA Rennes 2021

The partner ANIA has presented life render in the framework of CFIA as an initiative to support agrifood companies towards innovation. Checkt out the recording in the following link: The CFIA is the most important professional fair in the agri-food sector, which brings together suppliers and service providers in the industry. At the same time, the "Innovation Trophies" as well as conferences on technological developments and major consumer trends are organized.

» We keep replicating Life RENDER in Europe!

We continue to replicate the project approach in other European Countries. We welcome now the greek company MEVAGL in the experimentation with our Dairy PEFCR tool! MEVAGL produces a wide range of pasteurised dairy products: milk, yogurts (both traditional Greek and European), cheeses, desserts and rice puddings Welcome on board!

» European Technical Showcase – 3rd June 2021 (online)

Up to 27 participants in our last Technical Showcase organised with European Dairy Companies to introduce the Product Environmental Footprint method in the sector and to involve other dairy companies in the experimentation with our RENDER tool enabling the development of Dairy PEFCR compliant studies.